What is Touchless Car Wash?

What is Touchless Car Wash?

What is Touchless Car Wash?

1. What is Touchless Car Wash?

Touchless Car Wash means you wash your car without touching the paint. It is for washing the exterior, not interior.

2. How to touchless car wash?

If you can't touch your car, how do you wash it? Well, good question, you need a foam cannon (snow foam lance) to do it. here are the steps:

step 1. foam your car with a foam cannon (snow foam lance) and good quality car wash shampoo.

step 2. let the foam stay on your paint for 5 minutes and then spray it off with water.

step 3. dry your paint before it gets dried by the sunlight.

That's it.

 3. The car I wash my car touchless every time?

No, when your car is very dirty or wax is out of effect, dirt may stick to your paint, the foam on your car cannot be removed by the foam itself. you may need to use a wash mitt to wash your car with your hands.

4. When can I touchless wash my car?

So, touchless car wash is only effective when your car is not so heavy dirty, or your car had been waxed, so dirt is not very sticky to your paint, the snow foam can loose the dirt, and water can spray it off easily.

5. How often can I use a touchless car wash?

it depends on the environment your car gets in. Generally, I use the touchless car wash every 2 weeks. In the third week, I will use a wash mitt to wash my car completely and wax it after touch wash, and in the next 2 weeks, I can touchless wash my car easily.

If you have more questions or tips on car care, please feel free to discuss with us.

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