GRIT SHIELD & HEAVY DUTY 20L BUCKET - For 2 Bucket Car Wash Method BLACK

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This it contains:

2x Heavy Duty 20L Bucket & Metal Handle

- 1x Wash Bucket & 1x Rinse Bucket Both Black

2x Grit Shield Red

1x Shampoo 500ml 

1x Wash Mit - colour may vary

1x Super Plush, Extra Large Soft Microfibre Car Drying Towel 60cm x 80cm BLACK/RED Trim 



  • The Bucket Guard creates a protective shield within your bucket
  • The Bucket Guard prevents the re-contamination of dirt, grit and grime from being transferred back onto your sponge, mitt or cloth
  • Keeps your water cleaner using it's raised feet to keep many contaminants below the Bucket Guard
  • Creates a defence barrier.  Rub your sponge, mitt or cloth against the grill surface to loosen the grit and debris freeing it to fall below the Bucket Guard level.
  • Size 26cm diameter x 6.5cm height

Directions for use

Simply press the Bucket Guard feet side down to the bottom until the product becomes tight against the bucket walls


A customer said

"many thanks and just for the record I've been using Meguiars buckets and these are loads better ;)"