Armor All Shield Tire/Tyre Glaze


Armor All Shield Tire/Tyre Glaze Shine Spray Dressing Long Lasting Formula 

Gives your tyres a durable shine.

A tyre`s life span is highly dependent on the treatment it receives. If untreated and not maintained, over time tyres will look faded and appear to be browning and cracking.

An easy way to handle a situation like this one is to use Armor All Shield Tire Glaze. The long lasting product is specifically formulated to coat the tyres with a super high gloss protective shield that dries to an ultimate showroom finish.
Precision Applicator Nozzle gives users ultimate control, resulting in a smooth, even shine without messy over-spray.
Helps protect from harmful elements that can cause browning and cracking
Provides a resilient and deep rich shine that lasts weeks.
Available in multipacks. Check out our range of foam applicators for easy application.