Armorall 2 x Car Interior Dashboard Cleaner Protector Wipes (20) - Gloss Finish


Armor All Dashboard Wipes is a triple action product that:

Cleans by removing the grime that can erode the surface of vehicles

Shines and restores the original colour of the surface

Protects surfaces by guarding against the harmful effects of ozone, oxygen and ultraviolet radiation

Quick and easy to use, no mess

Does not leave a greasy residue on your hands

Easy to dispose of

Extra strength wipes

One wipe can treat an entire dashboard

Armor All Dashboard Wipes retain the suppleness of the surface to help prevent cracking due to expansion and contraction


Can be used for many non-automotive applications

Non-toxic. Contains no alcohol or solvents.

Packaging will keep wipes moist for up to 6 months after opening

Where Armor All Dashboard Wipes Can be Applied

Vehicle Interior:

Dashboard, vinyl door panels, interior trim, console, vinyl or plastic visors, vinyl headrests.

Vehicle Exterior:

Rubber bumpers, plastic trim, plastic or rubber mirror mounts, rubber engine hoses.

Other Surfaces:

Patio furniture, purses, belts, luggage, briefcases, boat seats, sporting goods, fibreglass.

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