Carfume | Original | Blue | Creedy Scent | Car Air Fresheners to Level Up your Driving Experience & Drive Happy | For Him

by Carfume

About this item 

  • FRAGRANCE - Fearless and sophisticated, Creedy intricately blends vanilla, musk and ambergris with apple, blackcurrant and bergamot and notes of juniper, patchouli and jasmine. 
  • PREMIUM DESIGN - The glass bottles with bespoke, carved wooden tops look so elegant & will add a classy touch to your car whilst giving you a long lasting aroma. 
  • EASY TO USE - Simply unscrew the lid and remove the plastic cork. Screw the lid back on & give the bottle a gentle shake & tip upside down for a couple of seconds to soak the inside of the lid. Ensure you don’t do this for too long as some liquid may leak out! 
  • LONG LASTING - Whenever you feel the scent is no longer as strong as you’d like, simply repeat these steps to fill your car with your favourite scent! One Carfume offers up to 6 weeks of beautiful fragrance for your car. 
  • CARFUME - Carfume was born in 2019 with a vision to enhance our customer’s adventures wherever the road takes them. Set the mood - pick a route, prepare your playlist and choose a premium air freshener or purifier that'll guarantee you Drive Happy.

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