Designer Fragrances Azul Air Freshener Blast Cans Deodorise & Neutralise Odours – 300ml 4 Pack

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  • THE BLAST THAT LASTS – SCENT MADE FROM NATURAL OILS - Designer Fragrances Azul Blast Can Air Freshener & Sanitiser is a long-lasting breath of fresh air. This fresh and energetic scent leaves an invigorating and woody trail. New Caledonian sandalwood blended with a dry whisper of cedar and citrusy base notes. Created from only natural oils and carefully selected ingredients, Designer Fragrances cans are the perfect way of freshening up your space. This Bundle contains 4 x 300ML Designer Fragrances Azul Blast Cans. 
  • IDEAL FOR NEUTRALISING TOUGH ODOURS - Instantly eradicates and deodorises cooking odours, including hard-to-remove smells like curry or smoke. These air freshener sprays for your home are a favourite for those who are house-proud, bringing a rich and clean smell to your home. Perfect for a post-cleaning spritz or to fragrance your clothes, furniture or other items. Use our Blast Cans to tie your own and home fragrances together – instead of conflicting cleaning scents in your home, you can use our Blast Can’s range on everything and anywhere. 
  • LIFE IS GOOD - EVERYTHING SMELLS AMAZING! - Our Blast Cans neutralise odours and smells on almost everything. In one blast, this air freshener spray sanitises and instantly refreshes your surroundings. Our Blast Cans work in both your cars and vehicles as a car air freshener, as well as your home as a bathroom air freshener, on bedding, carpets, furniture like curtains and sofas, and even on your footwear and clothing! Spray once for a delicate yet daring scent that will make you feel like you’ve set foot in a new home or car. 
  • SPRITZ QUICKLY FOR A DRY & FAR-REACHING FRAGRANCE - Forget spraying stains with our Blast Cans - Designer Fragrances’ Blast Cans have a patented Dry Mist Formula, so the fragrance is evenly distributed and will stay in the air, or on fabrics for longer. This also means no wet patches or marks will be left. Spray about 30 cm away for best results and allow a few seconds for the fragrance to settle. 
  • SUPPORT A PROUD UK BRAND - Designer Fragrances was established in 2019 in Manchester by Asiffa and Shiraz. Designer Fragrances has created something unique in the spray market that combines long-lasting fragrances and much-loved scents to eliminate odours everywhere. Designer Fragrances also champions climate-friendly CFC-free products and you can also recycle the can after use.

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