Designer Fragrances Blast Can Air Con Refresh 150ML - CHERRY

Designer Fragrances Blast Can Air Con Refresh Unique Air Conditioning Refresh Aerosol Combats Unpleasant odours Available in 4 Luxury & Popular Fragrances Refreshes car Interior In 5 Minutes Eliminates Odours & Leaves Vehicles Clean Inspired By market leading Perfumes Black Code, Azul, Fleur & Cherry Comes in 150ml Aerosol Black Code Blast is dark & mysterious with a smooth citrus, sweet scent. The subtle top notes of tobacco & wood are perfectly balanced giving your space a masculine vibe Azul is a fresh and energetic scent that leaves an invigorating and woody trail. New Caledonian sandalwood blended with a dry whisper of cedar and citrusy base notes. Fleur is bursting with elegance - made from the floral Bulgarian rose, acacia farnesiana and May blossom topped off with parma violet and bourbon vanilla this scent is both sensual and addictive. It's liberating, lush and luxurious so infuse your spaces with this magical scent. Classic Cherry is bold & fruity fragrance that packs a punch. Inspired by countryside landscapes, walking through orchards picking cherries & summer full of fun & enjoyment. Sweet & sexy this ones a must for all the cherry lovers. Due to the hazardous classification of aerosols, this product CANNOT be sent by Royal Mail or Airmail. UK Mainland orders can be placed online in the normal way (for courier delivery).

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