Glass Coating Spray


Using world-class technology strength , combined with a special fluorine ions added Super F12 super anti-wear agent .After using this product , it will form a thin layer of special coating layer on top of the front windshield , very smooth , has a strong water-repellent effect , rain on the window glass into crystal drops slip away quickly , especially in the fast lane over 38 km per hour , the splash of water drops on the window glass was immediately blown away by the wind generated by traveling, even without wipers, you can freely safe driving in the rain special effects continued for about three months , easy to operate, easy to clean.

1.Please cover closed before a good , uniform shaking.
2.Make application under good weather, using super oil film removal agent , remove the glass dust, dirt and oil film and dry it without leaving any water.
3.Spray it evenly on the surface of rearview glass, in case of splashing or dropping in on other places, wipe it off by the water immediately.
4. In case of splashing or hanging from the glass, wipe it off by cloth, dry it to film, then make polishing with a dry towel.

●Application according to the instructions.
●leaving the operation site and breathe fresh air if any breathing difficulties.
●turn off the engine during the operation.
●It is not applicable to special glasses and mirrors which has anti glare, waterproof and other functions.
●If there still is adhesion on some parts after coating ,can wipe it off immediately by water.
●Any towel or paper which has contacted  this product must not be used inside of the car.
●Seal the lid and wash the towel and hands after use.
●In case of eye contact, rinse with water immediately and go to the hospital.
●Keep out of the reach of children.
●Store it at a place below 40 ℃.

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