Menzerna 3 PACK 250ml, Heavy Cut 400, Medium Cut 2500, Super Finish Plus 3800

  • Menzerna Heavy Cut 400 – Excellent Heavy Cut abilities, perfect for hard German clearcoats. Removes 1200 grit sanding marks 9/10 cut, 7/10 gloss

  • Menzerna Medium Cut Polish 2200 – Excellent medium cut capabilities with enough bite to deal with ceramic clearcoats. 7/10 cut, 8/10 gloss

  • Menzerna Super Finish PLUS 3800 Polish – The lightest abrasive of the three, leaves a perfect finish ready for sealants and waxes, leaves a show car finish, ideal for use on both modern and older paints. 2/10 cut, 10/10 gloss

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