menzerna Allroundpolitur Medium Cut Polish 2500

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Medium Cut Polish 2500 is Menzernas reply to the All-in-One, which proved by Waxing the elimination of Waschanlagenkratzer (also higher) and an attractive Finish auszeichnen. using a Allroundpads (Pads to achieve Medium, fast beautiful results and makes for a beautiful gloss Paint for All! types! Free of silicone and fillers-Made in Germany! use of machinery on the: cleaned Varnish 4 drops on a hazelnut sized All-round Pad, apply to the surface of The 60 x 60 cm and spread with a low stage (1–2) beginners and slow rise Polishing up until the desired result is achieved! with a microfibre cloth wipe clean and the results of monitoring and enjoy; -) application of the Hand: a to a Haselnusstropfen Handpolierpad to polierende working area and apply until the desired results can be achieved. a exzentermaschine as well as with a rotationsmaschine be processed.

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