menzerna Fast Gloss 400 250ml (8oz)



Menzerna Fast Gloss FG400 is a innovative cut compound that offers exceptional levels of cut and gloss

Menzerna Heavy Cut Compound 400 contains even more ultra fine abrasive so can now remove sanding marks up to 1200 grit whilst at the same time producing exceptional levels of gloss. We have found this to be a truly exceptional product when used by either Dual Action or Rotary polisher, quickly removing swirls and scratches even on tough paints leaving a truly exceptional level of gloss for such a correction compound.

Like all products from Menzerna Heavy Cut 400 is free of silicone and fillers so therefore results are permanent.

- More cut: Elimination of sanding marks of grit 1200 ultra fast

- High gloss: Within one-step process creation of impeccable high gloss

- One-step polish: Saving time due to one-step process with high abrasiveness and high gloss

- All-purpose: Suitable for all types of clear coats

Technical Specification:

Water based

Suitable for use with DA, rotary or by hand

Suitable for all types of paint finish

Contains diminishing abrasive particles

Free of silicones and fillers

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