Peek Premium Metal Polish - 250ml Tin


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'Peek Polish'
All Purpose Polish

Peek does it all! Cleans, polishes, protects.

Unique formula Peek Polish cleans, polishes and protects all metals, fibreglass and ceramics.  

Non-toxic - Anti-oxidant: Contains a protective ingredient against tarnishing - Safe on skin - Outstanding quality - Excellent results even under harsh conditions of extreme temperatures and moisture.  

Housewares:  Shines like new: silverware, sterling and gold jewellery, brass and copper ornaments. Stainless steel - cutlery, sinks, stove tops, kitchen chrome. Aluminium - screen doors, window frames, leaded glass Removes: hard water stains, lime deposits, tarnish, rust and corrosion, heat discoloration.  

Hardware/Plumbing: Cleans and protects: Brass, chrome taps Stainless steel - sinks Aluminium - shower doors, trim Fibreglass - tubs, sinks, ceramic tiles and tubs. Removes: Hard water stains, lime deposits, tarnish, rust and corrosion, heat discoloration.  

Automotive/Truck/Cycle:  Protects against moisture: Chrome - wheels, trim, bumpers. Painted and fibreglass surfaces. Aluminium - valve covers, wheels, motorcycle casings, headers. Removes: heat discoloration, rust, oxidization, water marks, tree sap stains, tarnish.   

Sporting Goods:  Restores lustre: Rods, reels, knives, brass and silver lures, stainless steel, nickel and blued guns. Aluminium and fibreglass - Boats, camping equipment, bicycles, golf clubs. Safe on factory gun bluing. Removes: Salt water corrosion, rust, oxidization, tarnish and powder residue.   

Hotel and Restaurant:  Adds sparkle: Brass - rails, decorative wall hangings Copper - cookware, decor antiques. Stainless steel - sinks, counter tops. Silver - cutlery, flatware and chafing dishes. Removes: Wax and grease buildup, tarnish, fingermarks, smoke stains, heat discoloration. 

Marine: Protects against the elements: Stainless steel - stanchions and fittings. Aluminium - bow rails, chrome hardware. Brass and bronze - portholes and winches. Fibreglass and perspex. Removes: Salt water corrosion, oxidization, tarnish, rust, water stains. 

Giftware:  Adds new life: Antiques - silver, pewter, platinum, brass, bronze Jewellery. Flatware - silver and stainless. Bronze artforms - sculpture and castings. Plaques. Sterling and silver plate. Trophies. Removes: tarnish, oxidization.

Musical Instruments: Provides mirror finish: Brass - cymbals, trumpets. Silver - flutes, harmonicas, guitar strings and fittings. Removes: Tarnish, fingermarks.

Emergency Vehicles:  Polishes and protects: Aluminium, diamond plate, fire trucks, brass, gold, silver badges, perspex light bars, chrome and stainless steel trim, and guns. Removes: Rust, oxidization, tarnish, corrosion, powder residue. 

Woodburning Stoves: Withstands temperature changes: Brass/nickel doors and trim, irons, and fire extinguishers, copper tea kettles, painted surfaces. Removes: Heat discoloration, tarnish, oxidization and fingermarks. 

Aviation: Works wonders: Leading edges, spinners, plastic coated paint, perspex, tubing on ultra lights, thrust reversers. Removes: Acid rain residue, aluminium, oxidization, rust buildup, corrosion, water stains. 

*Not suitable for anodized aluminium.    

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