Brake Cleaner Pressure Spray Bottle, Pump Action, Heavy Duty 1L


Heavy Duty 1 Litre Pressurised Sprayer

Superb German build quality product from  Augsberg Germany.

At last, a trade approved spray unit suitable for use with brake cleaner and solvents. 

Designed for use with solvents, brake cleaner, wheel cleaner and many more liquids and harsh chemicals. Supplied with an adjustable nozzle producing variable spray patterns.

This sprayer carries the reputation of being one of the very best on the market

Effortlessly build-up the pressure in the liquid container by pumping the handle. A mere push on the spray button ensures an even and constant mist, which can be regulated by turning the nozzle nut.

A really robust pump action bottle


1 Litre capacity

Approx dimensions 280mm x 190mm

Adjustable Spray Head with Brass spray nozzle – produces variable spray patterns.