Rain-X 81299400 Rain Repellent and Anti-Fog Pack, Set of 2

by Rain X
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Rain-X Rain Repellent dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility.

Simply apply the treatment to exterior glass and watch the raindrops fly off your windscreen while driving along. Rain-X helps improve visibility, day and night, by repelling rain, sleet and snow, as well as helping to prevent frost, bugs and road spray from sticking to the windscreen.

  • Improve all-weather visibility, safety and driving comfort
  • Helps for easy removal of frost, ice, salt mud and bugs
  • Helps improve visibility in wet conditions both day and night

In tests conducted by a major United States university, better visibility improved driving response time up to a full second or more. At highway speeds, that’s almost four car lengths of extra stopping distance!

Rain-X Anti-Fog is designed to eliminate interior condensation caused by wet weather, high humidity levels or temperature changes.

The new and improved formula provides increased anti-fogging protection, and even works well under high humidity conditions. This makes it ideal to reduce condensation forming on interior automotive glass, such as windows and mirrors, especially on those cold, damp days. It is also suitable for use on bathroom mirrors to eliminate steaming!

  • Prevents interior fogging before the problem begins
  • Suitable for use in high humidity conditions
  • Reduces time in waiting for fog to clear
  • Ensures clear visibility is maintained when fogging is likely to occur
  • Available in 200 ml bottles

Suitable for using around the home too! Ideal for bathroom mirrors

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