25L Litre Airflow Aeroflow Dispensing Tap For Water Containers Drum,61mm

Aeroflow Taps For 10-20-25 Litre Plastic Containers
This tap will fit all our containers from 10 - 25 Litre and any 59mm - 61mm DIN European Standard Thread

This Aeroflow Dispensing Taps for containers is perfectly suitable for the simple, clean and quick decanting of fluids without gurgling. The chamfered outlet spout (23mm) fits in narrow threaded necks and allows easy and clean dispensing. The tap has a high flow rate of 5 litres per minute, due to the patented ventilation system. The taps are leakproof even with aggressive chemical compounds and strongly creeping fluids.
Not to be compared to other inferior taps! This is the best dispensing tap on the market.

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