12 x 1 Litre Chemical Resistant Trigger Spray Bottles - Garden, Home &


Industrial Trigger Spray Bottles are made from a co-extruded Nylon/Polyethylene which helps reduce risk of sidewall collapse due to product attack. The nylon inner surface of the bottle reduces product permeation. The adjustable sprayer is made of specially manufactured chemical resistant polyester/propylene which assures efficient and economical atomization of liquids. It will resist compounds formulated from most chemicals including alcohol ethers, ketones and aqueous solutions of salts, acids and bases. Ideal for numerous lab-bench applications and suitable for use with most maintenance products. 1.4 ml per stroke - 30-40% greater than standard triggerheads. - Nozzle O-ring and piston cup are made of chemical resistant Viton. - Holds up against harsh chemicals and solvents. Available in grey.

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