Antibacterial Surface Cleaner (Concentrated) 5L


A biocidal cleaner and surface sanitiser ideal for use in a wide range of  applications and environments. Antibacterial Surface Cleaner Concentrate contains non-ionic surfactants for wetting and cleaning with a quaternary ammonium compound for biocidal action. Contains a fresh lemon fragrance.

This product meets the requirements of BS EN 1276:2019 in dirty conditions

Use a 10% solution in water. Allow a minimum contact time of 5 minutes to be bactericidal  effective. Apply by high pressure equipment or manual methods (trigger spray). Rinse cleaned surfaces with water. Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry on. Minimise contact with alkali sensitive surfaces such as aluminium. NB : Hard Water and severely contaminated surfaces or porous surfaces may require stronger solutions or repeat cleaning.

  • Kills 99.9% Bacteria
  • Suitable for Various Surfaces
  • Fresh Lemon Fragrance


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