Car Wash Snow Foam Spray Gun 900ml + FREE Snow Foam


Snow foam spray guns when combined with a car shampoo or ideally dedicated snow foam solution create a thick blanket of clinging foam which sits on the surface of the paint. The detergents in the snow foam gently soften and break down the dirt whilst the effect of gravity gently removes the dirt, grime and heavier deposits as the foam moves off the paint.

  • 900ml Capacity
  • Dilution Controller
  • Hose Fitting Attachment Included
  • Great Quality Unit
  • Provides Thick Foam
  • Easy and effective to use foam gun.

Back by popular demand!!

and FREE


  • Intense Clinging Foam – Sticks to vehicle throughout wash process to actively loosen dirt for safe, effective cleaning.
  • Long-Lasting Foam – Contains hydrating agents that help foam stay wetter, so suds last longer.
  • Thick Foam – Achieve thick foam either by hand-washing or foam sprayer.
  • pH-balanced Formula – Safe for use on wax and sealant coatings.

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