Grit Shield Washboard Bucket Insert - Attaches to Bucket Guard Insert


Pair your Grit Shield to a Washboard for a swirl free wash - Attaches to Bucket Guard Insert.

The AUTO RAE-CHEM Grit Shield Washboard works in conjunction with the AUTO RAE-CHEM Grit Shield in your bucket! Like the Grit Shield, the Washboard has NO flat surfaces for dirt or grit to be collected. Contaminants are extracted from your mitt (and other cleaning tools) while rubbing them on the downward stoke against the Washboard.

Particles of dirt, grit and grime from your wash mitt are the primary cause of scratches and swirls in your vehicles finish. By using the AUTO RAE-CHEM Grit Shield Washboard together with the AUTO RAE-CHEM Grit Shield Insert you are insuring a clean, scratch-free wash mitt every time you go back to the bucket for water.

All of the potentially harmful dirt settles in the bottom of the bucket, keeping it away from your mitt and away from your paintwork. This simple and cost effective method protects your precious painted surfaces from being scratched and saves your paint from swirl marks and scratches.

The Washboard simply clicks onto your existing AUTO RAE-CHEM Grit Shield. If you don't have a Grit Shield then we do!!

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