Vikan 4589 Hand Brush, 330 mm, Medium,

by Vikan
The Medium bristles of this brush makes it a good choice for ideal for sweeping fine particles such as flour from conveyor belts, food preparation surfaces, tables and equipment.

e.g. Rubber seals of fridges, between pipe work, various nooks and crannies, untold places on a vehicle etc.

This is a dusting brush with a smooth, ergonomically designed handle.

The medium strength bristles remove moist or medium sized particles, such as sugar, chocolate, pastry, vegetable peelings. It is also used as a dustpan brush on floors.

Soft Baker's Hand Brush with 48mm Polyester bristles Made from FDA-compliant materials.

Hygienic, solid polypropylene block Low water absorption bristles set with stainless steel staples

Autoclavable at temperatures up to 250o F/121o C

Length: 300mm (12" approx)
Width :35mm (1.4" approx)

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