Scrubbing Brush, 200 mm, Washing Cleaning Upholstery Carpet Kitchen

by Vikan

This multi-purpose brush has stiff angled bristles to facilitate scrubbing tables, conveyor belts, chopping boards, buckets, large scaled bowls and many other types of equipment especially where it is necessary to reach into corners.

At one end of the brush you have even harder filaments, which facilitates loosening more stubborn dirt.

200mm x 70mm approx. stiff hand scrub brush with flared bristles.

Stiff, low water absorption polyester bristles with stainless steel staples.

Made from FDA-compliant materials Hygienic, solid block polypropylene construction. Autoclavable at temperatures up to 250° F/121° C.

Supports your HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and Colour Coding


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