Hygienic Hi-Flex Wall Bracket System, White

by Vikan

Hygienic Hi-Flex Wall Bracket System, 420 mm,

A hygienic, modular wall bracket that provides a flexible solution for storage of your cleaning tool and utensil in any area of your site. The rail is easily attached to the 4 wall mounts by sliding it on from the right or left side. The Grip band modules and Hook modules can then be clicked on the rail and "locked" in place using one of the many small "notches" in the rail. These ensures that the modules can not slide from side to side. 1-10 hanging modules can be placed on the rail. (Max. 5 Grip band modules or Max. 10 Hook modules). The Grip band module can hold products with a diameter of 28-33 mm. The Hook module can hold products weighing up to 3 kg. The system is supplied with 3 Grip band modules and 2 hooks. Modules and rails are easy to disassemble for cleaning or replacement.

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