menzerna 3.5 Inch 2X Premium Polishing Pads Finish I High Shine Finishing Buffer Pad I Body Repair Buffing & Polishing I with Safety Edge, Velcro Attachment I Washable & Long Lasting

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Car polishing foam pads 6”


Scratches, sanding marks, hologram and matting effects – all of these imperfections can make a brand-new car look old. The car polishing and buffing foam pads can help you buff these marks out of your car. Enjoy your daily drives with that brand new car feeling!


It does not matter if you are a professional or not, detailing a car has never been this easy. Start off by washing and cleaning your car. Tape away the parts you do not want to touch. Start buffing the surface until marks and scratches are eliminated. Clean up with the Control Cleaner and start polishing and waxing your car with a sealing varnish by using the cross-coating method . You can see the final results after the according drying time. It takes about 20-30 minutes to dry with the Power Lock Sealant. Combine different density foam pads for the best results possible.


4 densities for 4 purposes:

RED – Heavy Cut foam pad for heavy duty buffing with abrasive polishes

YELLOW – Medium Cut foam pad for moderate buffing with fine abrasive polishes

GREEN – Soft Cut foam pad for finishing the surface with high gloss polishes

BLUE – Wax foam pad as a final step for waxes and sealing polishes

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