Menzerna 3-in-1 One Step Polish Cut Gloss & Wax 250 ml

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One-Step Polish 3 in 1 is the all in one product from Menzerna. 3 in 1 is a one step swirl remover and wax in one easy to use product.

Designed for the rapid elimination of light surface scratches and sanding marks up to 3000 grit, 3 in 1 not only cuts but polishes down to leave a very high level of gloss free from swirls, clouding and holograms. This correction is then protected by a long lasting sealant giving months of protection to your newly refined paintwork.

Designed for the automotive industry, Menzerna polishes exceed many other brands polishes in terms of power, final finish and technology. Menzerna polishes contain highly effective custom made polishing minerals that are precision milled, these particles break down quickly and easily during application meaning the finish gets finer and finer the more the product is worked and it's long lasting lubricants maximise the polishes working time making it perfect for use with DA/RO, rotary machine polishers and even by hand, and as it's designed for the automotive industry it contains no silicone or fillers unlike many other polishes on the market meaning the results you see are true and permanent.

The level of cut this polish provides is light making it suitable for soft to medium paint types regardless of application method, as well as its easy to use formula it's also pain free to remove residue and provides a level of gloss that does not require further polishes to produce a final finish. The protection stage is included in this all in one product making it a very efficient and time saving product for fast and easy results.

Leaves a layer of protection behind

Abrasiveness 5/10

Gloss level 9/10

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