Quickcoat (Nano Spray Sealant) 500ml + FREE Edgeless Microfibre


Quick Coat 500ml with Edgeless Purple Microfibre Towel 40x 40cm

Quickcoat is the ultimate easy to use nano-spray-sealant. It is safe for use directly onto the surface - ie all exterior surfaces (paintwork / glass / plastics / alloys) and car surrounds. Quickcoat can also be used on top of already protected paintwork (wax and sealants), and will extend the amount of time that these last for. 

Quickcoat delivers an extremely hydrophobic effect, provides sheeting, gloss and protection to the surface for up 4 months.

Directions of use;

Dilute product 4 parts water to 1 part product.

Dry surface: simply spray directly onto the surface and spread with a soft cloth, then buff as required. 

Wet surface: after washing the vehicle, while the surface is still wet, simply spray the product onto the wet surface and pressure wash off immediately. You can then dry the vehicle using a drying towel or microfibre cloth, this is especially important in areas with very hard water. Alternatively a de-ionising water filter removes the need for drying off with a towel or microfibre cloth, to give protection through a completely touchless method.

Important: do not use on warm surfaces, in direct sunlight and do not allow to dry on surface, otherwise marking may occur. 


Features     Benefits    
Easy to apply No long curing times
Leaves a long-lasting glossy finish for up to 4 months Extreme durability for economical use 
Extremely hydrophobic     Brilliant water beading effect
Repels water     Prevents re-soiling    
Extreme pH Resistance     For easy cleaning

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