Small place cleaning package 40 cm

by Vikan

Small place cleaning package 40 cm

The small space cleaning system 990126 comes standard with: Slimliner Cleaning Trolley,2 Aluminum Top-Adjustable Handles with Click Fit2 Vikan Hook & Loop Mop Frames, 5 Microfibre DampDry 31 25 cm Mops, 2 Dry 24 60 cm Mops, 2 Vikan Interior Mops and Mop Holder, Vikan Utility Belt, Easy Shine Kit, Wool Duster, Detail Brush, 2 Spray Bottles, Long-Handled Brush/Dustpan Set, Mop Box, Cloth/Accessory Box, Storage Box, Bag with Holder, Extra holders and hooks, CleanAssist cue cards with QR codes for online video training

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