Ultra Hygienic Handle, 1500 mm blue

by Vikan
Thanks to the diameter and the material, the handle sits very well in the palm of your hand, even in cold environments (such as cold stores).
These stems are 6% lighter than fibreglass stems and are just as chemical resistant.
The hygienic design minimises the risk of dirt getting through gaps and/or edges of a mounted handle.

- Diameter: 34 mm.
- Length: 1500 mm.
- Material: polypropylene.
- Max. Cleaning temperature (autoclave) 121 °C.
- Max. Cleaning temperature (dishwasher) 93 °C.
- Max. Use temperature (food contact) 80 °C.
- Min. Operating temperature: -20 °C.
- Min. pH value in solution 2.
- Max. pH value in solution 10.5.

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