Versatile Pinky Premium Interior Dressing 5L


Versatile - Pinky Premium Interior Dressing 5L (Formerly Dash Dazzle)

A high strength interior dressing, which is versatile in use and will restore the depth of colour and gloss to aged plastics and dressings. The ultimate for interior use, but can also be used for exterior applications.

Pinky is a Premium Interior Dressing. A Wipe on liquid dressing specially formulated for interior use. It will enhance the appearance of dashboards, facia, vinyl, plastic, wood trims and other polished surfaces. This premium formulation also returns plastic to their original darkened colour, and leaves a fresh car fragrance inside the vehicle.

  • Long Lasting
  • Non-Greasy Finish
  • Repels Dust & Dirt
  • Fresh Car Fragrance


Shake container well before use. Ensure area to be treated is clean and dry. Apply a thin coat with a soft clean cloth, rub the surface and allow to dry. May be polished with a soft clean cloth if required. This product may also be used through a trigger spray for ease of application.

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