Vikan 2110 (a) Shadow Board with tools For Cleaning Stations Storage Product Organiser

by Vikan

Vikan 2112 (b) Shadow Board, Wall Mounted, Coloured background/White Shadows background, 2000mm x 1150mm with Stainless Steel Hooks and Brackets

To include Products for board : 

Vikan 5660 Dustpan 330mm

Vikan 4589 Hand Brush 330mm Medium

Vikan 3174 Broom 410mm Softhard

Vikan 5625 D-Grip Shovel 1040mm

Vikan 2937 Aluminium Handle 31mm 1510mm x 2

Vikan 7160 Ultra Hygiene Squeegee 600mm 24in

Vikan 5686 Hygiene Bucket 12L

Vikan 4192 Washing Brush 270mm Hard

3mm Aluminium composite material applied with digitally printed vinyl and a gloss laminate overlay.

Stainless Steel Hooks supplied loose. 

Holes are pre-drilled in the board for the hooks which will need to be attached on delivery.

All boards can be amended free of charge to include a company logo, heading and sub-heading of your choice

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