Vikan 31032 Dustpan Broom with Angled Thread - Green

by Vikan
  • A very effective, lightweight broom that can be used for sweeping both dry and wet debris. The brush pattern is designed using 2 bristle diameters.
  • The outer row of bristles is softer than the middle row, which gives a very effective sweeping quality. The bristles under the scraping edge are angled to facilitate sweeping close to walls and corners as well as under workbenches etc.
  • An effective scraping edge has been implemented in the design to enable loosening stubborn debris from the surface.
  • Length: 9.84 in. Width: 1.18 in. Height: 4.72 in. Weight: 0.32 lbs., Max Temp: 250°F
  • Thread Type Euro (Hygienic), FDA Compliant Materials

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