Vikan 475552 Water-Fed Car Vehicle Wash Brush 270 mm Soft Bristle

by Vikan
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Professional Water-fed wash brush 270mm with protective rubber edge.

Safe effective large vehicle wash brush which can be used as a water-fed or dip brush.

Can be used with any handle within the Vikan Transport System®.

This listing is for the Brush Head only

Medium 270mm Water Fed brush.
The rubber on the front edge prevents scratching.
The brush is made of black polypropylene with soft polyester filaments.
Suitable for large surfaces.
This brush is ideal for washing trucks, buses, boats, caravans, tankers and machinery that requires a soft touch bristle.

Can be used with or without water flow.

Bristle Soft Flagged 52mm.
Polyester bristle 130mm x 270mm x 100mm.
Can withstand 100oC.
Use Wet or Dry Water-fed or not.
Build to last.
Made in Denmark. Fits all Vikan Handles (Not Supplied)

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