Vikan 714077 16" Single Blade Ultra Hygiene Squeegee - Lime

by Vikan

  • Vikan's one-piece, single-blade squeegee has an ultra-hygienic design that minimizes areas for water and food soils to collect. This seamless, one-piece construction is especially effective in areas requiring the highest level of hygiene

  • The soft and flexible rubber blade is ideal for removing water or food debris from floors and food contact surfaces. Hygiene squeegees are a good foundation for any HACCP or food safety program

  • Very durable, solid and ultra-hygienic; Made from FDA-compliant materials; One-piece construction, single blade squeegee design; Autoclavable at temperatures up to 250F; Specially blended rubber blade; flexible and durable

  • Good for a variety of surfaces; Full mono-color construction for HACCP identification and tracking; Double splash guard for push and pull applications; Molded reverse edge scraper; Requires a European-thread handle

  • Effective in areas that require the highest level of hygiene; Great for removing water or food debris from floors or food contact surfaces

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