Vikan Brush, Polypropylene Polyester Stainless Steel, White, XL

by Vikan
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A favorite of the meat and dairy industries, our updated XL Hand Brush makes a big impact thanks to its size and stiff bristles. When you need to clean bigger surface areas with hard-to-reach corners or crevices, this large scrub brush may be the tool you need. This sturdy brush is made of a solid 29 mm block. The “butterfly” shape of the block has been designed to give users a better, more ergonomically friendly grip. The brush sits flush against most users’ hands, making it comfortable and easy to hold even while dealing with cleaning chemicals and wet or greasy hands. Like all brushes in our Hygiene range, the Vikan XL Hand Brush is designed to be used in areas where cleanliness and sanitation matter most, making it ideal for the food processing industry. The smooth surface finish, lack of sharp angles, and sloped drainable hanging hole all make it easy to clean and store. Whether you’re cleaning tanks, tables, conveyor belts, or buckets, the XL Hand Brush with Very Stiff Bristles can help you get the job done quickly and effectively

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