Vikan Car Body & Wheel & Upholstery Set, 3 Superb Professional Brushes

by Vikan
Alloy wheel cleaning brush with soft natural filaments to safely clean aluminium rims, chemical resistant with nylon protected handle. 1 x Vikan Alloy Wheel Cleaning Brush, soft natural filaments, chemical resistant Short Handle Car Body / Wheel Multi Brush with an ergonomic handle and flagged bristles. The multi-brush is made of solid black polypropylene with soft red/green polyester filaments with rubber on the front edge to prevent scratching. 1 x Vikan Multi Brush Soft 280x110mm Slimline upholstery and carpet cleaning.brush. Ideal for areas with limited access i.e. under and in between seats and seat runners. 1 x Vikan Professional Slimline Interior Fabric, Upholstery, Carpet Brush

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