Vikan Car Detailing Brush Set Superb Professional Brushes Wheels Body Interior

by Vikan

Vikan 525352 Wheel / Spoke Car Cleaning Brush Stiff Bristles Alloy wheel cleaning brush with Stiff Filaments to safely clean aluminium or steel rims, chemical resistant with nylon protected handle. Vikan 525252 Multi High Quality Car Washing Brush Soft Bristle All-round Vehicle brush especially suited for small areas. Short Handle Car Body / Wheel Multi Brush with an ergonomic handle and flagged bristles. Vikan 522752 Professional Short Handled Car Wash Soft Split Bristles Large faced sturdy short-handled brush is suitable for cleaning. Body Panels, Wheel Rims, Grilles, Tyres and much more. Vikan 522252 Long Handled Car Brush 420mm Soft Split Bristles Effective HIGH QUALITY long handled brush (420 mm) for general vehicle washing tasks i.e. chassis cleaning. Storage tanks, wheel arches, engine compartment and many other uses around the home. Vikan 450052 Professional Slimline Stiff Bristle Interior Brush slimline Stiff upholstery and carpet cleaning brush, ideal for cleaning in areas with limited access such as under and in between seats and seat runners. Vikan 644052 Durable Nail/Upholstery Brush Stiff Bristle Durable nail brush which is also ideal for use on upholstery, carpets, Convertible Soft Top, in the kitchen for scrubbing chopping boards and work surfaces etc. and many other uses. Vikan 556052 Set of 7 Detailing / Valeting Brushes Perfect for interior dusting brush for dashboards, instrument panels, switch housings and air ventilation outlets, keyboards etc. Also useful for minor paint jobs. Vikan 556452 Set of 2 Long Handled Offset Detailing Brushes. Ideal for cleaning crevices and other difficult to reach areas can also be use as paint brushes. 1 each 30mm x 420 mm & 50 mm x 390 mm

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