Vikan High-Low Brush / Broom, Medium Bristles 70471 to 704788, Optional Matching Pole 29371 - 293788

by Vikan

Vikan High-Low Brush, Medium Bristles 70471 to 704788
Optional Matching 29371 - 293788

The High-Low brush is particularly suitable for cleaning fillets (junction between floor/wall) and under machines and equipment since the angle of the head enables you to place the mounted handle parallel to the floor and thus clean/scrub under the equipment.

This brush is also ideal for cleaning drains and gulleys.

Also many uses for those households serious about cleaning.

The angled shape of this scrubbing broom was designed to clean the area where the wall meets the floor, but also effective for cleaning the floor itself.

Its bristles are gentle enough to be used on equipment.

It is a popular choice in meat processing facilities, canneries, mills, wineries and breweries —and generally any moist environment that creates difficult cleaning challenges.

150 mm x 265 mm High-low brush with 41 mm medium Polyester bristles.
Hygienic, solid block polypropylene construction.
Low water absorption polyester bristles with stainless steel staples.
Hygienic, solid block polypropylene construction.
Made from FDA-compliant materials.
Autoclave-able at temperatures up to 250° F/121° C

Supports your HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and Colour Coding.


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