Vikan Microfibre Glove. 260mm (Grey)

by Vikan
This Listing is for 1 (one) Glove.

Perfect for general cleaning, commonly used on hand rails in particular stainless steel but also ideal for cleaning of all types of interiors and surfaces.

Especially suitable for small details, chairs and tables with lots of corners, nooks and crannies.


Can be used on all kinds of hard surfaces.

Used dry it picks up and retains the smallest dust and dirt particles by static electricity.

Damp with water it absorbs dirt and grease by the capillary effect.


Perfect Avoid any contact with solvents, strong acid or alkaline products.

How to use:
A clean dry mitten is worn on one or both hands - stroke your hands over the areas, furniture or other objects that need to be dusted - thereafter shake out or dropped in the laundry bag. The mitten can also be used damp.

No preparation, use as it is. The electrostatic charging which is characteristic for an efficient cleaning will vary with the season and the surface you are working on.

A dry and clean mitten gives the best cleaning efficiency.

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All Vikan Microfibre textiles are covered by a 500 Wash Guarantee and have a 'Confidence in Textiles' certification.


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