VIKAN Round Hand Brush, Hard, Fully HACCP Compliant, White

by Vikan
Well suited in the food industry for cleaning e.g. buckets and tilting pans.
Ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold. Suitable for colour coding to prevent cross contamination.
Bristle length 44mm

- Diameter: 110 mm.
- Bristle length: approx. 44 mm.
- Material: polypropylene, polyester.
- Max. Cleaning temperature (autoclave) 121 °C.
- Max. Cleaning temperature (dishwasher) 93 °C.
- Max. Use temperature (food contact) 80 °C.
- Min. Operating temperature: -20 °C.
- Min. pH value in solution 2.
- Max. pH value in solution 10.5.

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