Vikan Triple Wheel & Body Brush Kit

by Vikan

This Vikan Triple Wheel & Body Brush Kit has all what you need to clean your wheel faces or bodywork:

This kit contains the following brushes:

1: The Vikan Long Handle Vehicle Brush is made of black foamed polypropylene with soft red/green polyester filaments. Sturdy long-handled model often used at service stations. Ideal for people who do not want to bend down to clean wheels or reach the roof of their cars.

2: The Vikan Short Handle Vehicle Brush has a ergonomic handle and flagged bristles. The rubber on the front edge prevents scratching. The hand brush is made of black foamed polypropylene with soft polyester filaments.

3: The Vikan multi purpose brush is made from solid polypropylene with a soft rubber edge and is of amazing quality. Small enough to fit between the spokes on some rims and into recesses and super-soft for the face of all wheels including sensitive surfaces like chrome or painted wheels.


The Vikan Cleaning Group has been around for over 100 years and manufactures a massive range of professional cleaning equipment for a number of industries.

All their products specialist range of brushes are made to exceptionally high ISO standards in Denmark.

The quality of the range makes them ideal for commercial and trade application ensuring their long lasting ability.

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