Vikan Wheel Brush Set Natural Filaments, Chemical Resistant Alloy Steel Rims

by Vikan
This set comprises of: Professional Alloy Wheel Brush's Chemical Resistant Alloy wheel cleaning brush with Stiff Filaments to safely clean aluminium rims, chemical resistant with nylon protected handle. Its tapered design enables it to reach into hard to access areas such as Spokes, Recesses, Brake Callipers etc. The design of the filaments minimise splashing during use while its stepped conical design simplifies the cleaning operation. Stiff Filaments : 525352 Dimensions Overall Length: 320mm (12.5") Diameter Green Bristles: 38mm (1.5") Diameter Red Bristles: 65mm (2.5") Filament Covered Length: 170mm (6.7") Soft Natural Filaments : 525052 Dimensions Overall Length: 320mm (12.5") Filament Covered Length: 170mm (6.7") Diameter Narrow Bristles: 38mm (1.5") Diameter Wide Bristles: 65mm (2.5") Multi Brush & Rim Cleaner Soft 280x110mm. 525252 All-round Vehicle brush especially suited for small areas. Short Handle Car Body / Wheel Multi Brush with an ergonomic handle and flagged bristles. The multi-brush is made of solid black polypropylene with soft red/green polyester filaments with rubber on the front edge to prevent scratching.

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