Wheel Cleaning Gel 5L FREE Brush & Spray Bottle


Wheel Cleaning Gel is an advanced grape fragranced ready to use wheel cleaner. The thickened alkaline formulation will cling to the wheel which enables longer dwelling times and through this better cleaning performance. It will emulsify and remove road salts, grime and dirt with ease. The use of a detailing brush to agitate will create a thick foam and loosen any extra tough dirt.

  • Clings & Cleans
  • Non-Acidic
  • Removes break dust & iron
  • Ready to Use


Simply spray Wheel Cleaning Gel using a spray adjustable nozzle to ensure an even spray is achieved. Liberally cover the wheel and allow to dwell for 2-3 minutes. Agitate the product with a detailing brush until a foam is achieved, then rinse off thoroughly with either a pressure washer or high powered jet of clean water.

CAUTION—Read Before Use:

Ensure the wheel surface is cool before application and do not use in direct sunlight. Ensure the product does not dry on the surface, this is particularly important on warm/hot days, as damage may occur. This product is suitable for factory finish alloy wheels only, use on any other surface is done at the users risk and compatibility must be tested on a small inconspicuous area prior to extensive use, especially on poor quality or scuffed alloy wheels

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